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OPPO shows first smartwatch with Qualcomm W5-soc and does not claim longer battery life

August 12, 2022 07:00

OPPO has presented the first smartwatches running on the recently announced Qualcomm W5 Gen1 soc. It concerns the Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro. The clocks would last four and five days on a single battery charge roughly the same as their predecessors.

The Watch 3 has a 400mAh battery that should last four days and the Watch 3 Pro has a 550mAh battery that should last five days OPPO claims. The previous Watch 2 has a 510mAh battery and then OPPO also claimed a battery life of four days. Qualcomm promised with the new W5-soc a battery life that is up to 50 percent longer than its previous smartwatch chips but that is not yet reflected in OPPO's battery claims. The manufacturer also uses an Apollo 4 Plus coprocessor in the Watch 3 in addition to the W5 soc. That extra chip is used when little computing power is required in order to consume less power.

The Watch 3 also has a 1.75" OLED screen with a resolution of 372x430 pixels. The Pro version has a curved 1.91" OLED screen with a resolution of 496x378 pixels. That also makes the Pro version the larger watch with dimensions of 50.4x38.5x12.75mm. The smaller version is 43.0x37.0x11.65mm. The watches run on OPPO's own operating system.The Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro are the first watches with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon W5-soc. It was at the announcement of that soc already known that these OPPO models would be the first smartwatches with the W5 chips. It is not known when more models with this soc will follow. It is also still unclear whether and when the OPPO Watch 3 watches will come to the Netherlands and Belgium.

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