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San Francisco police want to be able to use robots to kill people

November 24, 2022 09:01

The police of the American city of San Francisco has submitted an application to a local government agency to use robots against humans in interventions where the lives of police officers are at risk. In those cases the robots would also be allowed to kill people.

The plans of the San Francisco Police Department have been revealed by the editors from Mission Local. He has discovered policy documents stating that the police service from San Francisco wants to use unmanned robot vehicles for support. First and foremost the San Francisco Police Department thinks of training purposes simulations criminal arrests dangerous incidents and urgent circumstances.

From a first version of the authorization request shows that it would not be possible to use robotic vehicles against humans but that provision was later removed. In the most recent version of the policy document contains a provision that shows that the robots may be used against people and that the robots may even kill people. In both cases this is only allowed if there is a risk that others for example police officers will die.

The police of the American city of San Francisco say they have seventeen robot vehicles that are eligible for use. against people. Of these twelve vehicles are currently active. The law enforcement agencies in this category have a Remotec F5A Remotec F6A Remotec RONS QinetiQ Talon QinetiQ Dragon Runne IRobot FirstLook and Recon Robotics Recon Scout ThrowBot robotic vehicle. Some of these models can according to the editors of The Verge be equipped with weapons.

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