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Naughty Dog postpones The Last of Us multiplayer and announces new game

May 27, 2023 12:40

Naughty Dog is internally delaying its upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer game because the game "needs more time." No public release date has yet been announced. At the same time the studio is announcing an as-yet undisclosed new single-player game.

"We know many of you are looking forward to hearing more about The Last of Us multiplayer. We are very proud of the work that our studio has so far but as development progresses we realize it's best for the game to give it more time" Naughty Dog said in a statement on Twitter.

Subsequently the studio announced that it is working on a "brand new single player experience". There are no details about this game yet. It is also not yet clear whether it concerns a possible third part in The Last of Us series or another IP.

The multiplayer game in question was initially intended as an addition to The Last of Us: Part II from 2020 but eventually Naughty Dog decided to make it a standalone game. According to Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier insiders say the team working on TLOU multiplayer has recently been reduced to a smaller group following a recent review.

Naughty Dog has reportedly asked Bungie the studio behind Destiny 2 among others to evaluate the game. Bungie is said to have expressed concerns about whether the multiplayer project could keep players engaged for a longer period of time. Although the project has not been scrapped many developers have been moved to other projects.

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